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We take care of your online communication with clients.

CodeProud - software house from Poland.

Web Design & Development
Need a webpage or a website? Have an idea for an internet business or tool? We will design and develop it to be communicative, useful and beautiful.
Mobile Design & Development
iOS or Android? We will help you to choose the platform and to prepare the app on any of them. It should be handy, esthetic and indispensable, shouldn't it?
Custom Systems & Integrations
Nothing sticks to the rest anymore? Or to your idea? It's time to start with a custom web platform or integration with external systems or applications..

Why work with us?

And why it’s best to start right away :)

  • Emphasis on quality
    Make the most of our world-class, cutting edge IT solutions.

    The quality of our work was already confirmed by Nextbike, PKO BP Faktoring, Orange, AEG, Carrefour, Roca, LG, Electrolux, PKP, PGE. Join them!

  • Ease of communication
    Forget about the barrier of English language

    All members of our team speak English.

  • Keep the cost down
    Central Europe helps to grow!

    With us, there is no need to break the bank. We are based in Poland and are able to offer you competitive market rates. Take advantage of them – it will be well worth it.

  • Wealth of experience
    So far we have brought more than 200 project to a successful completion.

    We have faced many challenges and have always been able to think of viable solutions that work for our clients. Our wealth of professional experience means that whatever happens, you always have our back. It has been like that for 15 years (before as InteliSoft).

Case studies

Take a look at some of our projects

Our pride and joy

Our flagship product – YouLead – is an automated sales and marketing platform. YouLead monitors the behaviour of web users and makes intelligent, automatic suggestions of personalised offers. It is also designed to send marketing alerts specifically tailored to the needs of the end user.

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